Monday, 28 September 2009

Some late night shopping is always on the cards

Yay I can't wait until tomorrow. My local TopShop is having a student discount night thingummy, students get 20% off. SWEET. So I'm going tomorrow night with my friend, and I'm soo excited! It'll be completely jampacked mobbed, but's a topshop event with discounts...who can resist! I'll put up pictures of our outfits and such like tomorrow!
On the topic of topshop, anyone else pretty disappointed with the Christopher Kane for Topshop stuff? I mean, the shoes are pretty nice, but there isn't alot of variety of clothes. Sigh.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

On the Runway: Fall 2009

I really like autumn/winter, everything is layered and dark and slightily gothic and rock and roll, all wrapped up into one. Here are some of the collections I really like this year.

Okay, so Balmain is always a favourite, and this year I'm lusting after these blazers with the statement shoulders. Whether they're leather, or sequined or just plain blazers, they're structure is amazing and they add something different to the masculine blazers which we're seeing all over the runway. There's also something futuristic about them....

Hmm, fur. I love love love all the massive fur jackets (yeti jackets) on the runways. I mean come, they look super toasty and you'll never worry about being cold again, AND they're sure to make your legs look pin like. What could be better? In the Sonia Rykiel collection, there's loads of bold colours being injected into the black outfits, as well as bold patterns. The coral fur jacket is amazing, I really like the shape of the collar, and look at the platforms...!!!!

This is the Burberry Prorsum menswear collection. Wouldn't you fall in love with any of these beautiful boys? Just look at them, there's that hint of roughness with the flatcaps and the greatcoats and leather, they could have come straight out of the Industrial Revolution or something. But then there's that sense of gentlemanlyness and sophistication too, the velvet blazers, fitted jackets and trousers, dress shirts. The refinement is all there.

The Louis Vuitton collection was great. Bunny ears, leather, sky high thigh boots, statement jewellery, great structured peices....what more do you want? Note the injections of colours too, not everything has to be about black black black!

So the Stella McCartney collection was pretty sombre and tailored this fall. But you've got to love the long blazers, especially in that red colour, and their masculinity contrasts nicely with the leather leggings.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Whilst doing a bit of browsing on Polyvore today, I came across this website. LOOK at the ads, aren't they just SO cool? Its called Shop Fruition and their clothes are all really colourful and radge. And the background for the picture is gorgeous, I would LOVE to have that wallpaper in my room!

we sit under the stars like spacemen

I got a new skirt in the summer, from Zara. It's an odd little thing because it's kind of formal but kind of casual too, like, if you wear it, your outfit's always going to be a little too smart or a little too casual. Wierd, but cool. I actually need to get some more skirts, I don't own that many, especially not one's that can be worn in autumn/winter.
The striped tee used to be this ankle length night gown I found in my house. I just cut off the bottom bit, made the neckline wider and lower and cut off the sleeves. Hey presto, one striped tee.
And hairs is long enough to wear in a side plait! It's quite exciting really, my hair has never been this long before :)

you and me we'll live forever, live forever young

Apparently I look like some old school american gangster in this picture....? I think it's the checked shirt with collars over the blazer that does it.
And isn't that awesome wall paper in the backgound? Different versions of it can be found on certain walls in my house, totally random but ever so cool!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

does she attract you, distract you?

Going out tonight, just to a wee party of a friends. So dressing casually and since the weather is pretty cold, I dug out my lovely warm Nike's this morning. They are awesome and since I refuse to wear Uggs outside my house...they are perfect for keeping my feet toasty. I'm wearing a grey Zara cardigan, Zara top, H&M jeans, Nike hightops, Owl necklace from china

The sad thing is I actually got these Nike's to play basketball, wayyy back in Primary school. But now they are just amazing Nike high tops which everyone wants. They were super cheap as well which makes me even happier since people buy them for LOADS of money now. Haha.

Friday, 4 September 2009

my arm's look really really odd in this picture. But I like it, the teesh says Make Music Not Missiles. I 'borrowed' it from a friend, I've had it for about a year now and still not given it back haha. Oops.
And the skirt is h&m, it's slightily see through in sunlight.....

man it feels good to be back

Ahhhhhh, I've been away for so long. It's crazy. and a rather longgg story so let's just be glad that I'm back! Hurrah, though I have not alot of new pictures or anything...sooo busy with school lately, so much art to do :( But here's one I took before summer. Blazer belongs to mum, h&m high waisted shorts, random white tee which I drew on myself, and a trinket from some holiday somewhere!

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