Sunday, 31 May 2009

when i first laid eyes on you

oh sailor man, how i miss you
oh sailor man, how i miss you by mintyyy on

yay i LOVE polyvore :) it's so veryyyy addictive, from now on there will be regular polyvore updates on the sets i'm making and such like!
p/s....hasn't the weather been just AMAZING these past coupla days? i have been out sunbathing everyday all day for the past three days haha, thats a whole bottle of olive oil used up and lots and lots of moisturiser :) and suncream for my face and shoulders of course, burn is nastyyyy!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

i had a lust, i had a firecracker

Hmm, long time no post :( Been busy with exams all week but finally free....well, until next week but i only have one left and thats next wednesday so huzzaah!

I've just discovered Polyvore which is ever so exciting, I'll be playing around on it for abit, haha great distraction from revision!
The picture was taken on my phone in Topshop so the quality isn't so great but I ended up buying the things I'm wearing in it so I thought I'd show you. The cardigan is this awesome dark green colour and I've always wanted to own clothes that exact colour of green so it had to be bought. The leggings have little multicoloured hearts all over them, they were five pounds reduced from twenty so how could i resist? My friend is wearing a really nicely shaped shirtdress, it looks like a nightgown in the picture but in reality its super sophisticated and is all silky and nice.

Monday, 11 May 2009

i've never seen you fall so hard

I wore this the other day to go meet my friend to give her an overdue birthday present. I couldn't decide between the green pleated belt or the red stretch one with the the end i stuck with the green belt. The black jacket is velvet and has this amazing lace detail in the hood, I found it at the same shop where I bought my fatman on a goldfish jumper haha. The dress is jersey but I got it at a charity shop so no idea where it's from, its rather long though...but i like it.

Monday, 4 May 2009

do you suppose she's a wildflower?

Clearing out my closet, I found this skirt I bought a few years back. It's actually supposed to be worn on the hips (!) but thought I'd update it a little and so we have this waist skirt. The belt is one I bought for two pounds at a charity shop, black vest is H&M and so is the cardigan. As always, the trusty key pendant necklace is on show.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

i bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow

I bought this blue jumper in China at Easter time, it's quite small but it was super cheap so I coudn't resist. It's by a Japanese brand and I fell for picture of the fatman on the goldfish as soon as I saw it haha. Dug out some of my beads from last summer, could only find the mulitcoloured ones, I had some pink and yellow ones as well...need to hunt them out.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fall back into my life

Canadian actress and fashion model Estella Warren for Chanel No.5 in 1999, photo by Jean Paul Goude
One of four Andy Warhol silkscreen prints from 1996 - beach scene brights of sandy yellow and dark sky blue - these were meant to signify how No.5 couldnt be used for any occasion.

Marie-Helene Arnaud face for Chanel No.5 from 1961

Suzy Parker, face for Chanel NO.5 in the 1950's

Coco Chanel pictured at her flat in hte Ritz Hotel, Paris. 1937

Aren't these old Chanel No.5 perfume adverts just amazing? Black and white just adds so much elegance and grace to the pictures...and the girls are so classically glamorous, so Hollywood... before it became trashy.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Eyes On Fire

Being a recent Twilight convert/addict, I thought I'd share these rather beautiful pictures of some of Twilight's cast. They were on Vanity Fair a few weeks ago.

Kristen Stewarts looks really nice in them, her hair is all volumous and shiny...a nice change from the film where it's just abit lank and dull. Rob Pattinson looks as lovely as ever, I think I prefer this look to Edward Cullen's look in the film. And yes I'm going to admit, I'm on TEAM JACOB. Haha it's rebellious I know, but Taylor Lautner is just amazing with short hair, and werewolves are just so damn cool. Not that I would say no to my own personal Edward but still....

And I like tweed trousers on men, actually tweed anything is fine by long as it's tweed haha.

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