Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fall back into my life

Canadian actress and fashion model Estella Warren for Chanel No.5 in 1999, photo by Jean Paul Goude
One of four Andy Warhol silkscreen prints from 1996 - beach scene brights of sandy yellow and dark sky blue - these were meant to signify how No.5 couldnt be used for any occasion.

Marie-Helene Arnaud face for Chanel No.5 from 1961

Suzy Parker, face for Chanel NO.5 in the 1950's

Coco Chanel pictured at her flat in hte Ritz Hotel, Paris. 1937

Aren't these old Chanel No.5 perfume adverts just amazing? Black and white just adds so much elegance and grace to the pictures...and the girls are so classically glamorous, so Hollywood... before it became trashy.

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