Friday, 1 May 2009

Eyes On Fire

Being a recent Twilight convert/addict, I thought I'd share these rather beautiful pictures of some of Twilight's cast. They were on Vanity Fair a few weeks ago.

Kristen Stewarts looks really nice in them, her hair is all volumous and shiny...a nice change from the film where it's just abit lank and dull. Rob Pattinson looks as lovely as ever, I think I prefer this look to Edward Cullen's look in the film. And yes I'm going to admit, I'm on TEAM JACOB. Haha it's rebellious I know, but Taylor Lautner is just amazing with short hair, and werewolves are just so damn cool. Not that I would say no to my own personal Edward but still....

And I like tweed trousers on men, actually tweed anything is fine by long as it's tweed haha.

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