Thursday, 28 May 2009

i had a lust, i had a firecracker

Hmm, long time no post :( Been busy with exams all week but finally free....well, until next week but i only have one left and thats next wednesday so huzzaah!

I've just discovered Polyvore which is ever so exciting, I'll be playing around on it for abit, haha great distraction from revision!
The picture was taken on my phone in Topshop so the quality isn't so great but I ended up buying the things I'm wearing in it so I thought I'd show you. The cardigan is this awesome dark green colour and I've always wanted to own clothes that exact colour of green so it had to be bought. The leggings have little multicoloured hearts all over them, they were five pounds reduced from twenty so how could i resist? My friend is wearing a really nicely shaped shirtdress, it looks like a nightgown in the picture but in reality its super sophisticated and is all silky and nice.

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