Friday, 12 June 2009

:hmm haven't posted in a while, been back at school this week and REALLY don't have the energy to do very much...even though i've been doing absolutely zilch in classes anyways :(
going away for my duke of edinburgh expedition for a whole week starting sunday...argh three days of intense walking and midges here i come :D
i came second in a Polyvore competition the other day! It was one for sports and i made a set using blue red and white for british sports and such. What's funny is that it's one of the first sets i made..but i think it represents us quite well. With the white trainers and british airways chains haha
I think i will start posting more fashion pictures of myself and friends during summertime. Right now i just don't have the space or time to take pictures but i will have LOTS of time in summer so just watch this space :)

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