Saturday, 6 June 2009

so damn tired but the bed keeps moving away

I just got back from a school trip last night! Hah it was a physics trip to alton towers, it was sooo much fun, though 48 hours of no sleep was abit of a downer :( my favourite rides were Oblivion which is basically like a vertical drop down, it last for pretty much 3 seconds but the rush is amazing :) then there was Nemesis which just includes tons of loop the loops and upside down moments which was awesome. So basically, i LOVE rollercoasters xD but we had to leave the school at like 12 midnight on thursday and we got back last night at half twelve.. so completely knackered...urgh.
here are some more polyvore sets. I've made quite a few since last time but here's some of my favs :) I'm really enjoying polyvore right now, and i've got over 200 favourites AND i came 8th in a quite happy hehe
The one with the red velvet blazer is inspired by boarding schools and the whole idea of prefects and the 'elite'. I love the black shoes, they are vivienne westwood and i would kill to be able to wear them for school :D
The one with the paisley dress was the one that came 8th in a Pastel Hippie competition. I'm such a fan of anything paisley and dont you think the shoes are so cute? The model in the picture is Ali Michael who I'm a fan of.

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