Monday, 1 June 2009

a little peice of make belief never hurt no one

and the crazy kids play with the mermaids
and the crazy kids play with the mermaids by mintyyy featuring Nike shoes

here's two more sets i made today on polyvore :) quite different styles i know but i kinda aspire to be both. One is quirky and loads of fun..the kind of person who looks cool in anything and wears whatever they want, quite childish in some ways. I saw the photoshoot with lily cole in Vogue i think and was totally drawn in by the fairytale like but quirky outfits, and lily cole just adds that ephemeral, delicate touch as always.
The other set reflects the sophisticated cool side of me. I love the blazer with its wide lapels and it has such a good cut, the androgynous look sometimes really appeals to me. It would be someone who wears a simple black outfit with a few gold accessories but still stands out. I love Daisy Lowe and i think she would definitely be one of those people.

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