Monday, 1 June 2009

those suncrazed kids

Haha, i love love love this awesome weather, fingers crossed it stays! Though i have the most awesome/horrendous sunglasses tan line on my face, must NOT let my face get anymore tanned or i will look incredibly silly! Hmm just doing some last minute stressing for my LAST exam on wednesday...its chemistry so it shouldnt be bad but i didn't do any revision over the weekend and am now regretting it..!!

Got some pretty new necklaces, well actually there not new, i just DIYed abit with them and made them more wearable :) i took the white flower off another necklace and just pinned the two strands of the gold necklace together, i really really like it now! And the one with the cluster of pearls used to have a pendant on one end and the pearls were on the other end meant to be worn so they were behind you neck but i took off the other pendant and tied a knot in the middle of the strands so i could wear the cluster of pearls at the front.

and then there's some pictures of our "revision day"/picnic and messing around in a kids playpark...we stuck to the swings so we didn't look like complete thugs haha

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